Milandu mbwe: Makhadzi copies another Malawian song


South African songstress, 26 year-old Ndivhudzannyi ‘Makhadzi’ Ralivhona, has ‘copied’ another Malawian song, a few months after commiting a foul of the same nature.

Makhadzi is now being accused of duplicating another Malawian song called Milandu Mbwee, which is a product of Mkulu Keyi and features the legendary Nepman and Kay Nine.

The South Africa artist posted a video clip, showing her dancing to her new song which sounds just like the Malawian tune.

She claims her song which is yet to be released will be this year’s December anthem. Her caption reads, “As we wait to get our stokvel share for December, milandu!”

The Limpopo Queen is facing such kind of accusations for the second time. In June this year, another Malawian musician Scrafoc threatened to sue her for stealing his ma gear song.

However Scrafoc is yet to take a legal action against Makhadzi, four months after accusing her of the crime.

At the moment, Ma gear remains one of the hottest club bangers. It has inspired thousands of social media challenges.

Her fans cannot help it but wait in anticipation for her version of another ‘Malawian’ song which she claims will be a December hit.

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  1. Mkulu Kay copied the song from a South African guy. The hit has been there in the late 90’s. Makhadzi asked for permission from the original owner of the track. Do your research before publishing stuff @malawi24

  2. People please don’t accused makhadzi, she is naturally talented. Please protect makhadzi

  3. Makhadzi actually exposed the nonsense Malawian have been doing,that person claiming to be the owner of the song should sued by the real owner of the song Papa Penny Penny

  4. Milandu bee! Not bwee!! Milandu bee is a Tsonga old song it means that theres lot of sins. i still remember hearing it when i was about 5 years old im 21 now imaginee!! Makhadzi
    is just making a hit remake. No crime there! Malawi24 next time get your facts straight!!!

  5. Mkulu Kay & Kay Nine Let’s Do this Cos I’m also a 100%African from Malawi And i can hear people are saying this song doesn’t belong to anyone that’s and i also agree with them all So let that girl do it in her own way and you do in your own way too it’s okay let’s not have misunderstandings on something simple like that no We’re all Africans we’re one(ndife ana kamodzi)just divided by the colonial borders and their nosense rules look at the Ndebeles in SA same Ndebele in Zimbabwe,The Zulus in Central part of Malawi,Even in Zambia,The Xangani in Mozambique the same tribe in SA,The CHEWA people in Malawi the same Chewa in Zaire We’re mixed up honestly showing that we’re one but someone came and divided us and if you say this to the now generation they’ll fight you for that shame on my MOTHERLAND AFRICA…anyway..There’s No Case Here…Robert Mfumu CHE’ BAKILI NAZOMBE From Mpemba BT

    1. Let’s no lie here, the song is a remix with Papa Peny or Peny Peny some the call him like that. Malawians, let’s try not to be foggy with our mouth when you hear something. I like Makhazi. She discriminate nobody and she is everywhere around the world. Don’t envy her People. MALAWI24, YOU LIE TOO MUCH. YOU ALWAYS WITH HALF COOKED STORIES. TRY TO GIVE us something True.

  6. She is blessed with the talent but with kubwera bwera ku Malawi I see mavuto too much. Can we stop inviting her please she isn’t a goddess.

    1. I think so. Timakamutokosola dala as if we don’t have good artists here in Malawi

  7. People milandu be is not a song which is owned by any person; is an old tsonga traditional song that anyone can produce a song from it ; is a hymn song no one can claim ownership of that song ; the fact that Makhadzi ha stolen someone s song is pure lies ; Penny Penny sang the very same song and the Penny Penny was featured in the very same song that he also sang and why is not claiming that Makhadzi stole his song

    Just sit somewhere in the corner and ask yourself a question that the person who sing the song after Penny Penny can claim can come out and claim ownership of the song?

  8. Cosoma igwilepo ntchito. Bvuto kukhala maudindo without any no how

  9. Nonsense of malawian .
    That milandu is xangana so in Malawian are now speaking xanagana ? she took it from papa penny penny song .
    She even said on video that papa penny said she must do it

  10. This is not true, the owner of this song is peny peny from south Africa and the tittle is milandu bae. Just Google milandu bae by peny peny

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