MSCE students with 6 points to be rewarded with trip to Zambia

Maranatha students

Maranatha Academy has announced that all students who will score six points in the 2022 Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) examinations, from both public and private schools, will be rewarded with a trip to Victoria Falls in Zambia.

This is according to Maranatha Academy Managing Director, Ernest Kaonga who said the gesture is one way of congratulating and appreciating the efforts by the would-be top scorer as well as encouraging a hard working spirit amongst the next MSCE candidates.

Kaonga said he will always walk his talk about his commitment towards helping the Malawi government in promoting quality education which he said is the key for the development of the country.

“Maranatha Academy has and will always be thinking of ways to promote quality education in Malawi. So, this year students who will score six points, whether from private or public schools, will fly to Victoria Falls in Zambia, courtesy of Maranatha Academy.

“They will share stories among themselves whilst there. This is also one way for them to refresh their brains after spending much of their time preparing for the MSCE exams,” said Kaonga.

As this was not enough, Kaonga further indicated that the school will continue with its usual arrangement of awarding all top MSCE performers which he said leaves MSCE candidates with no option but to pull up their socks.

As a matter of setting up the mood for the big reward and also saying goodbye, Maranatha Academy flew to Lilongwe all the school’s students who sat for this year’s MSCE exams a development which is said to be first of its kind at the institution.

Last year, the school rewarded Eureka Whisky from Mary Mount, Thabiso Chokocha from Zomba Secondary and Osborne Lawani from St Patrick’s Secondary School with K500,000 each for being top scorers in 2021 MSCE examination.


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  1. Good gesture. But giving them scholarships would be the best reward for these brains! Just thinking of how hecting it is to get a passport here in Malawi

  2. This Blantyre Lilongwe flight was paid by parents themselves not school as you indicated

  3. Hahahahaha only the Bugie Ass Kids Will Fly To Zambia

  4. Just sponsor them to universities and colleges insteady of going to sacrifice them in a plane crash

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