Chakwera told to cut ministers’ fuel allocation


President of Peoples Transformation Party (PETRA) Kamuzu Chibambo, whose party is a member of the ruling Tonse Alliance, has told President Lazarus Chakwera to cut ministers’ fuel allocation from 2500 litres to 750 litres per month.

Chibambo held a press conference today where he spoke about the fuel shortage and forex crisis in the country.

The PETRA leader said ministers and principal secretaries cannot be drawing 2000 and 1500 litres of fuel monthly when the country is in the middle of an economic crisis.

“These fuel allocations ought to be slashed down to less than 750 litres per month forthwith,” Chibambo said.

He also faulted officials in the Lazarus Chakwera administration for continuing to fly first class or business class.

He added that the Government should put a freeze on public events as they drain resources.

“When the economy is in bad shape like ours, ministers and other senior government officials must lead by example,” he said.

Chibambo also urged the government to promote better monetary policies to save money and generate adequate forex to address the existing fuel crisis.

His press conference came as Chakwera is in the United States where he went to attend the United Nations General Assembly. Chakwera delivered his speech at the UN on Thursday, September 22 but he is expected to return to Malawi on October 2.