Tonse lacks ability to implement sound economic policies – Kabambe

Malawian Economist Dalitso Kabambe is aspiring for president

Presidential aspirant Dalitso Kabambe has laid into the Lazarus Chakwera administration saying it does not have the ability to implement sound economic policies.

Kabambe who wants to contest in the 2025 elections on a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) ticket said this in a Facebook post this week.

The former Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) governor said Chakwera and the Tonse Alliance have no experience or knowledge of managing economy and cannot just start today.

“Before we talk of doubling our Forex revenues, let us start with preserving what we already have. Koma lero tikuona chani? The leadership is not acting as if we are in a crisis. Hiring jets, doubling allowances, overstaying in foreign countries, duplicating responsibilities. It is business as usual.

“A Kabambe leadership would have started with preserving what we have. Investing it in energy so as to attract investors. You can’t be using our last reserves of Forex to ask for investors to come to a country with no energy. They will not come,” said Kabambe in the Facebook post.

Currently, Malawi is grappling with the problem of forex shortage which has affected the importation of crucial commodities such as fuel. The Chakwera administration has resorted to borrowing from banks in order to deal with the challenge.

Chakwera is currently in the United States attending the United Nations General Assembly but critics say the president should have skipped the meeting in order to save forex.

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