Mutiny: Chilima’s soldiers down tools

Saulos Chilima

Blowing K312 million

Trouble refuses to leave Malawi Vice President Saulos Chilima who has faced mutiny from his foot soldiers. This comes hot on the heels of Chilima being implicated in corruption allegations which led to his suspension. They also come on the reports that Chilima asked for over K311 million to have his wife treated at a South African hospital.

Social media reports have established that Chilima’s defenders are deserting the Vice President accusing him of being selfish and greedy. In scathing social media posts, UTM diehards who have been fighting for Chilima have now risen against him accusing him of nepotism and caring for his family only.

A social media user going by the name Bashir Al Bashir renown for supporting Chilima is leading the crusade against his former boss accusing him of filling his office with ‘people from Nsipe’.

Bashir has rallied against Chilima daring him to walk the talk on his campaign promises.

“A lot of people left you sir,” wrote Bashir in chiding Chilima. “People are just waiting for the day when you will be hit with a hammer (by the MCP team you are in bed with). People in the villages don’t want to even hear your name. Malawians are angry with you.”

Other supporters of Chilima also have joined the bandwagon with a social media user Andrew Chapola declaring that the battlelines have been drawn. This would presumably be with Chilima. Another user who goes by the name Oga Rex also jumped in cautioning Chilima for being greedy.

“You do not eat political money all alone,” posted Rex before sharing a proverb that he who eats alone, vomits alone.

According to information, disillusionment has hit the UTM camp after the realisation that Chilima has ignored them. A source which opted for anonymity disclosed that UTM youths feel that Chilima has abandoned the mission and is only caring about his family.

“We all expected to benefit something. Chilima might say that he is not the President and therefore cannot call the shots, but that is untrue. He facilitated a post for his mother-in-law at a Malawian mission in Zambia. We have also seen other people affiliated to him get jobs with the government,” said the source.

Young people in UTM are said to have been outraged with the medical expenses for Chilima’s wife who is suffering from an undisclosed illness.

“The medical expenses suddenly made sense to us. Everyone can see that Chakwera is failing but Chilima is still sticking around. It is because he is doing it for his family and relatives,” the source revealed.