Only those with permits can buy fuel in containers – MERA

Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) has told filling stations that the sale of fuel to customers with jerrycans is prohibited and is only allowed for customers with fuel bulk purchase permit.

The regulatory body has said this in a statement today.

In April, MERA issued a temporary waiver to allow the purchase of up to 20 litres of fuel in safe containers without permits after fishermen in some districts complained that they were being barred from buying fuel for their boats.

Today, MERA has removed the temporary waiver, saying it has noted that the waiver was being abused.

“MERA directs fuel service stations to only accept refilling of jelly cans and containers of customers who produce a valid Free Bulk Purchase Permit issued by MERA,” the regulatory body has said.

MERA has since warned fuel service stations that they could be fined or closed if they act contrary to the directive.

The regulatory body has also emphasized that hoarding of fuel, storing fuel without licence and showing preference or discriminating against any person in the provision of petroleum products or services are punishable offences.

MERA’s statement comes amid a fuel shortage in various parts of the country which analysts says has been caused by a reduction in fuel imports due to scarcity of forex.


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2 thoughts on “Only those with permits can buy fuel in containers – MERA

  1. May be it’s time that Malawi drops kwacha and dollarize. Mabwana ndi ma Dona a padangokhala tili “Tonse” ufumu uja munalilira uja ndiumeneu. Tipanseni plan

  2. Ngati galimoto yathela mafuta panjila ndi njila yanji imene ingatsatidwe a mera yankhani msanga pavuto lakusowa kwa mafuta musachulutse malamulo Malawi mumuwona kuyipa dzayikeni malamula mafuta akadzayamba kupezeka apo ndiye zidzamveka koma panopa mzosamveka…

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