Chisale’s hairstyle most expensive at local barbershop

A local barbershop has a haircut named after former presidential bodyguard Norman Chisale and it is the most expensive haircut.

Titus Executive Barbershop’s charge list has been circulating on social media.

It shows that the ‘Big Man Chisale’ haircut, named after the former bodyguard to ex-president Peter Mutharika, is the most expensive at K2000.

There is another one named after later musician Grace Chinga going at K1000, the same charge for ‘Mpala wa Jonzi’ (full head shave originating from South Africa).

At Titus, customers seeking musician Mlaka Maliro’s haircut should prepare to part ways with K1,500. The lowest charge at this barbershop is K300 for a brush cut for children.

The names of the haircuts have since amused Malawians on social media.

“Nde mwati mpala wa jonz umaoneka bwanji🙄🙄 komanso mpaka achisale kkkk mwanyanya inu (How does a South Africa full head shave look like? And a haircut called Chisale, this is too much),” one person said.


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