MANEB criticised over error in PSLCE exam paper


The Malawi National Examinations Board (MANEB) issued an exam paper containing an error to candidates sitting for Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education (PSLCE) exams.

The Mathematics paper for the 2020 PSLCE exams included a question that contained an error.

“Malijesi had K24 000 for shopping. When he bought 12 kg of meet, he was left with K9 600. Find the cost of meet per kg,” reads the question.

The exam paper

MANEB meant to say ‘meat’ but on two occasions in the question, the exam body wrote ‘meet’.

A screenshot of the question was shared on Facebook recently and people wondered how students who failed the question were compensated.

Others, however, said that the question was properly formulated and ‘meet’ could have been any variable measured in kgs.

Many commenters criticised MANEB over the error saying the paper should been edited properly.

One person said: “Don’t they have reviewers? Suppose some cheeky candidate simply wrote “incalculable” as an answer what then?”

Some, however, argued that such errors would not be surprising in exam papers considering that the papers may not be seen by a lot of people for security purposes.

“The proccesses around examinations are very strict for confident ial purposes making it possible to overlook such errors. Nevertherless, we dont need these errors,” one person said.

Commenters also noted that exams are also issued with instructions that invigolators may provide guidance on any necessary changes.

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  1. Invigilators not Invigolators a aaaaa iwe ukusiyana bwanji ndi wa meet uja

  2. In the last two paragraphs we can see these splg errirs from Malawi 24:

    “confident ial purposes” & “invigolators”

    Did a “Malawi24 Reporter” set that question in the Mathematics paper?

  3. Please I need select on Mulanje district secondary school…!

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