CEOs wanted to sleep with Nya-uyu for sponsorship


Comedian Nya-uyu has revealed that some top guns asked for sexual favours from her in exchange for sponsoring her Vilekeke Night of Laughter series.

According to Nya-uyu, real name Felistus Ngwira, one wealthy man offered her K10 million in exchange for the forbidden fruit.

“I remember somebody told me that I can give you K10 million just now, all you have to do is to lay with me,” Nya-uyu said in a Facebook post this morning.

She condemned the conduct of the men saying it cannot trigger Malawi’s progress.

“We might not go far as a country not because we don’t have game changers but because some decision makers want to make decisions using their downstairs and as long as they are satisfied, they don’t care the implementation of the projects,” she said.

Nya-uyu was at the centre  of bringing to life the Vilekeke Nation Night of laughter series which attracted international comedians.

The series which was set in Mzuzu, Lilongwe, and Blantyre attracted international comedians like William Las KRM from Botswana as well as Steffan Phiri, Ndine Emma, and Cosmas Ng’andwe from Zambia.

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