Chakwera agreed to rule for one term – Chilima


Vice President Saulos Chilima says President of Malawi, Lazarus Chakwera, agreed to rule the country for one term and that Chilima would be the presidential candidate for the ruling Tonse Alliance in 2025.

Chilima made the remarks today at a press briefing held at UTM office in Lilongwe.

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) which Chakwera lead and Chilima’s UTM came together ahead of the 2020 for the presidential elections which they won.

Chilima said the alliance was premised on trust, mutual interests and common desire for better Malawi. He added that the alliance has borne some fruits but it’s is disheartening that some issues need resolution.

According to Chilima, one of the agreements was that Chakwera and Chilima would agree on the presidential candidate and who would be running mate

“That subject to the decision of the national executive committees or conventions, as the case may be, of the UTM and the Malawi Congress Party, the presidential candidate during the fresh presidential election of 23 June, 2020 shall not be the presidential candidate during the immediate next election and shall cede the candidacy to the running mate in the fresh presidential election of 23 June, 2020,” said Chilima.

He added that they agreed that the alliance would be for 10 years and if there were any changes to be made,  a similar process to the one before the election would be required.

According to Chilima, any departure from the agreement is political fraud and against the popular will of Malawians. He then assured Malawians that every effort is being, and will be made to resolve any departures from the agreement for the sole benefit of the people of Malawi.

“However, if there is insistence from other elements within the Alliance and their advocacy for a split as we move towards 2025, the best would be to terminate the Alliance now. Of course, the instigation and termination of the Alliance by all parties now would also amount to cheating on the popular will of the people of Malawi that mandated the Alliance to form Government.

“The behaviour that seems to place some partner under the Alliance as the sole voice that swayed the popular vote of the 23 June, 2020 presidential election must be frowned upon. Indeed, if we were to terminate the Alliance, in honesty we would have to call for a fresh presidential election,” said Chilima.

The UTM leader also declared that his party is a big part of the alliance and no amount of insults or propaganda will move his party an inch. He further argued that changes should not be made because some people have realized that power which should be shared has become sweeter.

“The moments we faced death during the campaign period will not be erased by a statement made by a hungry member of the Alliance who rants because they would want to earn their space at the dinner table by spewing garbage on national or other television station,” said Chilima.

The Vice President’s remarks come days after Chakwera announced that he has withheld delegated duties from Chilima who is being investigated by the Anti-Corruption Bureau and UK’s National Crime Agency on allegations that he received money from businessperson Zuneth Sattar.

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