MANEPO condemns mob justice


A consortium of Civil Society Organisations helping older men and women to claim their rights led by the Malawi Network for Older Persons Organisation (MANEPO) has condemned in strongest terms the rise in number of mob justice cases in the country.

The condemnation comes in the wake of three deaths resulting from mob justice in which the victims were accused of practicing witchcraft just because they were of old age.

MANEPO’s Executive Director, Andrew Kavala said it is disheartening to see the country degenerating into lawlessness resulting into violation of the rights for the elderly.

This month alone, three mob justice cases in Dedza North have been reported forcing a number of CSOs and police to conduct an interface meeting with chiefs, religious leaders and villagers in the area.

“I am deeply saddened to hear about this shocking news in Dedza. My heart bleeds. I wish to strongly condemn this barbaric action and call upon the police to bring the perpetrators to book for this,” Kavala said.

Meanwhile, MANEPO and Malawi Human Rights Commission (HRC) have also called on government to establish a commission of inquiry to find out reasons behind continued mob justice in the country.

In a joint communique, the CSOs state that time has come for the government to minimize the talking but take serious action to end the senseless killings of the elderly once and for all.

Director of Community Policing and Rural Police Unit, Obrey Nyirenda, said, police will increase community policing members in all villages across the country as one way of strengthening security to protect people.

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