Onesimus apologises to Malawians


Malawian artist Onesmus has apologized for calling Malawian men useless.

The musician described Malawian men as useless during a show that happened on 18 June, 2022 at Lilongwe Golf Club.

He told women at the show that they should regard their boyfriends as useless if the boyfriends do not give them money or take them out for shopping.

After his remarks, fans kicked him off the stage.

Today, Onesimus has apologized over his remarks.

“ I realise that my jokes hurt some of you and I am sorry about that. We all make mistakes from which we will learn from.
This is one of mine” says onesmus on Facebook his Facebook page.

“I should have done better knowing the difficulties at hand. We are all familiar with real struggle. I know that love beyond all else will carry people through any relationship.

“Nothing of this nature will ever happen again,” he said.


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