Chinese people shooting racist videos in Malawi

A racist Chinese man identified as Lu Ke admitted shooting a video in which Malawi children were told to chant “I am a black monster and my IQ is low”.

A BBC investigation has uncovered Lu Ke as the man behind the video which caused outrage across the world in 2020 when it was published on Chinese social media.

In the video, excited children wearing matching shirts are told to chant phrases in Chinese by the man who is off-camera. The phrase the children chant is ” I am a black monster and my IQ is low.”

Videos such as these are produced by Chinese people in Africa and sold to fellow Chinese nationals on social media.

BBC Africa Eye reporters used other videos involving the same children and found that some of the videos were being shot at Njewa, a trading centre a few kilometres from the capital, Lilongwe.

They found Lu Ke who is called Susu (uncle) by the locals and he pays the kids half a dollar a day to perform in his videos in which he would make the children sing, dance or chant in Chinese. He would then sell the videos to fellow Chinese nationals in China.

The reporters also went to Kamwendo Village in Mchinji where the Chinese man spent several years shooting videos of kids.

A six-year-old child called Bright told the BBC that Lu Ke used violence to force the children say the phrases he wanted.

“He used to pinch us or whip us with a stick when we did something,” Bright said.

The investigators, with the help of another Chinese man, Paul, who posed as a buyer of videos, interviewed Susu and he admitted making the “low IQ” video.

When shown the video, Lu Ke said: “Yes this was mine”. However, he quickly retracted his words and said that it was shot by his friend.

Lu Ke also advised Paul to never pity black people, saying that is “how they should be treated”.

When the BBC reporters confronted Lu Ke, he denied making the racist videos and assaulting the children but he said he made videos to promote Chinese culture.

Speaking to BBC, one of the parents of the children who appeared in the racist video expressed concerns over the conduct of the Chinese man and demanded that he should be evicted from the area.

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2 thoughts on “Chinese people shooting racist videos in Malawi

  1. He must be exiled, banned, whatever the case for abusing the children, for degrading Africa and it’s people to such low standards. How can such videos promote Chinese culture? Is Chinese culture meant to oppress others because of their differences? Why go to rural areas and torment young children? Children Ofcourse are curious at heart and wish to learn and know different things from their cultures but it does not mean they must be taken advantage of. Shame on you Chinese man and to all those who bought such videos in the name of fun. Just because your countries and continents are better off it does not mean that you can come and do such here. In Malawi,the entire Africa does not deserve such. From nothing you rose and nothing you shall fall. A day is coming when all will bow down to Africa and we’ll see what a monster truly looks like. Shame! Such shame!

  2. Why is this yellow nut allowed to ‘walk’ out of that country? He should be carried out ….on a bag!

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