Zomba Central MP assures constituents he will fulfil campaign promises before 2025


Member of Parliament for Zomba Central, Bester Awali, has assured constituents that he will fulfil 2019 campaign promises which include upgrading of roads and bridges in Zomba City before 2025.

Awali held a meeting on Sunday at Thundu School ground, Mpira Ward where he reminded the people of his campaign promises made ahead of the 2019 Parliamentary Elections.

He cited the upgrading of Thundu road to a tarmac road and the upgrading of Mpondabwino bridge to a double lane bridge as fulfillment of his campaign promises.

“l promise to upgrade the road to Thundu to a tarmac standard and this is what is happening now, and a bridge at Mpondabwino is another campaign fulfillment” said Awali.

Apart from development projects at Mpira Ward, the parliamentarian also cited construction of a four lane road section in the Zomba City as another campaign promise that is expected to improve mobility.

“Before 2025, I promise that l will bring safe and potable water plus electricity in this area,” the Zomba Central parliamentarian said.

Awali also disclosed that he will launch free driving courses this coming Sunday at Chinamwali ground where he will also address a development meeting.

Ward Councilor for Mpira Ward, Christopher Jana, asked the parliamentarian to construct child development care centres at Thundu and Chalomwe, saying people in the area can not manage to construct the centres due to their limited resources.

The Ward Councilor also asked the MP to bring electricity and potable water in Mpira area to improve people’s livelihood.

He therefore hailed Awali for the Thundu road construction while promising that he will collaboratively work with him to develop the Mpira Ward.

Currently, Zomba City has Zomba Central Constituency but the area will have additional constituency come 2025 Parliamentary Elections as the Malawi Electoral Commission approved additional constituency in the city.

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