Zimbabwean man charged over toe selling joke

A Zimbabwean man identified as David Kaseke has been charged with criminal nuisance over a video in which he claimed that he was an agent trading in human toes.

The man was interviewed by a journalist at a shopping mall where it was claimed that the toe selling was taking place.

Kaseke claimed in the interview that that he was a broker and the joining fee is $200 (over K200,000) while toes cost between $25,000 (over K25 million) and $75,000 (over K75 million.

The man appeared in court today to answer criminal charges. Police say his conduct interfered with the comfort, convenience, and peace of the public as he had or mischievously raised a false alarm to the public.

However, Kaseke has said he was drunk at the time he was interviewed and was only making jokes.

The issue of toe selling trended on social media over the past few days with people from African countries joking about going to Zimbabwe to sell toes and beat poverty.

Some social media users have since condemned the arrest of the man while others argue that his joke gave a negative impression about Zimbabwe.

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