Catholic University law lecturer suspended

A law lecturer at Catholic University of Malawi has been suspended from practicing as a lawyer for embezzling close to K1.3 million in clients’ money.

The lawyer Ritchie Katsichi who also works at Kalua & Company has been disbarred today by Chief Justice Rizine Mzikamanda.

Katsichi wept before the Chief Justice Rizine Mzikamanda after the two-year disbarment was pronounced.

Mzikamanda also disbarred private practice lawyer, Nicely Msowoya, who embezzled about K5 million belonging to his client.

The two refunded the money to the affected clients, the Chief Justice learnt.

In April, Lawyer Maxwell Tembo of Ballen and Associates was also banned from practicing as a lawyer for embezzling K7 million meant for his clients.

One comment on “Catholic University law lecturer suspended

  1. The incessant reports of law interpreters ‘ professional mischievous attitude is really giving some of us terrible earaches and eyesores.
    We are yet to resume our positive respect for our entire Judicial System – going the number of rye popping occurrences – beginning from lawyers as highly placed as Justices Kaphale, Ansah, and many many other practitioners. And now the list has included some law lecturers like this! What with our future prospects then!

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