Prisoner smuggled out of Chichiri Prison

A man masquerading as a police officer has managed to smuggle a prisoner out of the Chichiri Maximum Security Prison in Blantyre.

Malawi Prison Service Spokesperson, Chimwemwe Shaba, has confirmed that a prisoner has escaped with the help of the yet to be identified man.

Reports indicate that the man in police uniform entered the prison through the gates and told warders that he was taking the prisoner to court.

The two passed through the gates and fled.

Shaba said prison authorities have received news of the incident with shock. He added that they are now investigating the issue

The incident comes days after a prisoner at Zomba Prison with help of a warder inserted two smartphones into his anus and smuggled them into the prison.

However, the prisoner failed to excrete the smartphone inside the cells and only managed to do so at Zomba Central Hospital.

The warder has since been suspended over the issue.