Medhealth donates jerseys to Moyale Basketball teams

Medhealth has donated jerseys worth K600,000 to Moyale Barracks men’s and women’s Basketball team.

Medhealth Chief Executive Officer Bright Kamanga said the new jerseys are part of extending partnership between Moyale Barracks and his health insurance company.

“We have donated these jerseys as part of extending our partnership with Moyale Barracks in supporting sports disciplines within Malawi’s third Battalion. Before this event, we had supported Moyale football team also with jerseys that they are using now and there were other sports disciplines that were left behind, so we wanted to extend the support to other sports disciplines as well such as these basketball teams,” Kamanga said.

Kamanga, who is also the Chairperson of Moyale Barracks sports trustees, announced that he is now the Patron of the Basketball team with immediate effect.

“We had a meeting of trustees where we agreed that each team should have a patron from the trustees, so I was chosen to be the patron of basketball and the other trustees were also chosen to be patrons of other sports disciplines so that each discipline has a member of trustees looking after the welfare of that particular discipline,” he added.

Kamanga (L) donating jersey

He has since promised that the team which will perform better than others at the Army Sports festival will be rewarded with K500,000.

In his remarks, Captain Mphatso Dziza sports in charge of Moyale Barracks thanked Medhealth for the gesture and promised to do well in all sports desplines at the sports event.

“First of all let me thank Medhealth for the jerseys they have donated to Moyale basketball teams. This will motivate the team at the Army Sports Festival in Salima to perform well,” he said.

He also requested some well wishers to borrow a leaf from Medhealth to help sports at Moyale Barracks.

“Though there are alot of materials that are still needed such as water bottles and Sneakers but the most important thing was the jerseys that have been donated since the men’s team had only one jersey. As Medhealth has said, that this is just the beginning, we believe more support is coming,” said Dziza.

Speaking on behalf of team Coach, Staff Sargent Dean Chipofya said the coming of jerseys will assist the teams a lot, especially the ladies who have just started their team.

“And for men’s basketball team we are prepared because we are playing friendly games here and we are doing well and the donation has motivated us a lot and surely we are going to overcome the teams we are going to play against in Salima,” he said.

This is not the first time for Medhealth to bring smile to sports lovers in Moyale Barracks as they also donated home and away jersey to Moyale Barracks football team.