Consumers scramble for Sugar in Balaka


Consumers in Balaka on Thursday scrambled for sugar as a lot of big shops and hawkers have run out of the commodity which in the district is now being sold at K1800 per 1Kg packet.

Malawi News Agency (MANA) reported that due to the scarcity of the commodity, some shop owners who had the commodity in stock hiked the price from K950 toK1800.

In an interview, one of the shop owners, Jairos Muhole who has a shop within town confirmed the scarcity of sugar in his shop since last week and that he does not know when it will be available as IllovoSugar Limited is just promising dates that are not being fulfilled.

Speaking on anonymity, one worker at Ntaja Trading which is authorized Illovo Sugar Limited in Balaka said the shop has been out of stock of the commodity since last week Tuesday.

The worker added heard that Illovo Sugar Limited’s manufacturing plant in Nchalo has a faulty machine making it impossible to produce the

A consumer, Paison Matias confirmed buying Sugar at K1800 after failing to secure it from reliable shops such as Sana and Chipiku.

By Joseph Story – Malawi News Agency