Man nabbed for killing biological father over sugarcane

Police at Makanjira in Mangochi have arrested Anthony Binoliyasi, 35, who is suspected to have killed his own 67-year-old father, Genesali Binoliyasi, after he was banned from going to his father’s sugarcane field.

Mangochi Police Station Publicist Amina Tepani Daudi said the incident occurred yesterday in Traditional Authority Lulanga in Mangochi.

Daudi said their findings shows that on the said date the two picked a quarrel during supper after the father accused the suspect for thoughtlessly cutting down the sugarcane.

She added that the father further banned the suspect from patronizing the field, a decision which angered the suspect who stopped eating and went into the kitchen where he came out with a hoe handle.

“The suspect hit his father three times in the head using the hoe handle,” said Daudi.

He was rushed to Lulanga Health Centre where he was referred to Mangochi District Hospital where death was pronounced upon arrival.

Hospital officials confirmed that Binoliyasi died due to head injuries following the violent assault.

The suspect will appear before court to answer the charge of murder which contravenes section 209 of the Penal Code.

He comes from Kumbeni Village Traditional Authority Lulanga in Mangochi.

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  1. Antony ali ndi vuto la misala koma nkhaniyi yachitikadi kuno ku Makanjira, iye amakonda kutchola zimbe kukagulisa ndalamayo kukamwera mowa, koma akaledzera amavuta kwambiri RIP

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