MP asks Govt to complete Salima-Sengabay road

Member of Parliament for Salima Central constituency Gerald Kapiseni Phiri has asked the Government of Malawi to complete Salima-Sengabay road which he said was abandoned midway through construction and now people are suffering due to the condition of the road.

Phiri told Malawi24 that road infrastructure is a problem particularly in his constituency Salima Central and it needs urgent action.

“I did mention the need to construct town roads which are also in a very bad shape and also we also have a challenge with the road going to Sengabay which in the first place started being constructed but the contractor pulled out and we need few Kilometers to complete the road.

“The road is very beneficial to the economic growth of Malawi because it leads to the lake side, the tourist area of the district.

“So I plead to the Government to complete this road because people of Salima are suffering and also I know even the whole Nation would want to see this road completed,” said Phiri.

The MP also wants Government to construct a very important road that connects Nsangu, Maganga going to the training college of MDF which is also an ideal road which if constructed, Government will benefit a lot because there are other key projects happening along the same.

Phiri also commented on this year’s budget, saying the budget has many great areas that every Malawian is expecting to see its implementation.

He commended government for removing Value added tax on water and cooking oil and increasing Constituency Development Fund – CDF to K100 million.

“The hike of CDF as well is trying to inform the nation that Dr Chakwera has interest for prospering together, because when CDF is increased it means there will be no community left behind with developments, this is not about religion, this is not about party. So every Malawian this particular time it’s going to benefit from CDF,” said Phiri.