Blantyre Synod University asks Chakwera for bus, hostel and money

Blantyre Synod Secretary General Billy Gama  has asked President Lazarus Chakwera to direct that Government should construct a hostel at the University of Blantyre Synod and assist the institution with a bus and money.

Gama made the call today when the university conducted a graduation ceremony for 18 graduands who have graduated with Master of Arts in Theology. During the ceremony, new Chancellor Reverend Edna Navaya was also  installed.

He said the Synod is walking with government in provision of education from early childhood education to higher education as well as in promotion of gender equality as evidenced by the appointment of Navaya as the first female chancellor.

He then urged Chakwera to also walk with the university, saying the institution does not have any form of transport and  does not have a hostel.

“Your excellency your word is final. We would be happy to remember this day to say that the president directed the Minister of Education to construct a hostel for University of Blantyre Synod ,” Gama.

He added that the private owned university which was opened four years ago is struggling to sustain itself and keep employees due to the Covid-19 pandemic. He then asked for a starter pack from the president.

“Any amount shall be appreciated your excellency,” said Gama.

Speaking during the ceremony, Chakwera said he would not make any pronouncements as asked by Gama but he assured the university that he and the Minister of Education Agness Nyalonje have taken note of the requests.

“I will not be making any pronouncements but we will support institutions of this kind because this is what is needed in this nation. You have Malawi Government’s full support. When that is unpacked then you will see the details,” said Chakwera.

He added that the support from government includes regulation of th university’s standards and facilities to ensure that the products of the university are beacons of excellence.

Chakwera noted that before he became president he worked in teaching and was involved in administration of a tertiary institution. According to Chakwera, founding of a tertiary institution is no mean achievement and there is no better time to celebrate the achievement than during the university’s first graduation ceremony

“When I heard that University of Blantyre Synod had reached a milestone of conducting its first ever graduation ceremony, I did not want to miss it,” said Chakwera.