There Is No Wine! Bushiri hits back at Mlaka: Major 1 blames Mlaka’s wife


It’s the Cold War! Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has fired heavy artillery at his former Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Church Pastor Macdonald Mlaka Maliro, saying the musician left the church on disciplinary grounds involving his wife.

Bushiri is said to be the primary target of Mlaka’s There Is No Wine (Vinyo Watha) song released earlier this week.

In retaliation, Bushiri revealed some of the reasons he claims forced Mlaka to dump the church.

In a statement today, signed by his spokesperson Ephraim Nyondo, Bushiri said Maliro over the past three years rose in ECG from being a resident pastor in several branches in South Africa to becoming the National Pastor for ECG Jesus Nation Church in Eswatini. Bushiri added that the pastor has stepped down due to disciplinary issues involving his wife.

Mlaka and Bernadetta Maliro

“There were disciplinary issues involving his wife and she was summoned to appear before the church directors in Lilongwe, Malawi.

“Pastor Mlaka followed his wife to Malawi and after noting the details of disciplinary issues his wife was summoned for, issues we can’t disclose to the public, he decided to step down,” reads part of the statement.

Following the release of the song, there have been claims on social media that the song was directed to Prophet Bushiri especially the last verse which says:

Kulalika zikutheka, kunenera molapisa komatu vinyo watha (People are preaching and prophesying but there is now wine)

Mzimu Oyela akamachoka, Amachoka mwaulemu poti satsanzika (The Holy Spirit leaves without warning)

Akutsatila zozizwa poti uko n’kulikulu osaziwa vinyo watha (People are attracted by miracles but they do not know there is no wine)

Anthu anga akuonongeka chifukwa chotsadziwa, Malembo akutero (The bible says my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge)

However, in reaction to the song, Bushiri through the press statement has said he has fallen in love with the song and respects the motives which inspired Maliro to compose the song.

“With regards to ‘There is no Wine’ song by Pastor Mlaka, Prophet Bushiri considers it to be a great song and he loves it immensely. The Prophet understands that when a great composer such as Pastor Mlaka sits down to create a song, he gets inspired by so many things.

“The Prophet feels that whatever inspired Pastor Mlaka to make the song, he strongly believes that his motives must be respected!” reads part of the press statement.

The ECG Jesus Nation Church leader further wished Pastor Mlaka well, saying he is confidently resolute that wherever Pastor Mlaka goes, he will always achieve greatness.





  1. Involving wife and resignation of the pastor. This does not reconcile

  2. But to my surprise too,am here at ECG church. I have never hear the Prophet responding to this matter they way people saying out there.3 weeks ago he was telling the whole church, not to respond on his behalf. Let people talk about him the way they want but never answer. That was his remarks. But every one out there busy talking about ECG and Mlaka.Ecg has faced alot of big storms have you ever seen it shaking?T

  3. It is surprising someone is being pressurized as if the song was meant for him. Sometimes we people we die not because someone has done something NO but because our conscious of our evil deeds follows us that is why we develop hypertension diseases and die with cardiac arrest. People let’s not get mad with what someone is singing or saying anyhow without getting the real meaning of that saying or that song. Seek knowledge before you act

  4. But there is no mention about any name in the song. Why this pressure Mr Prophet. It is just a song about the current affairs in our country.

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