I want Nankhumwa to start consulting Mutharika – Namalomba   

Member of Parliament for Mangochi South West Shadreck Namalomba says he wants Leader of Opposition Kondwani Nankhumwa to start consulting Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) president Peter Mutharika before making decisions in Parliament.

Namalomba said he has obtained a court order against Nankhumwa because what the Leader of Opposition is doing is not right and the party leadership is being sidelined a thing which is not on.

The injunction stops Nankhumwa’s recent appointment of a shadow cabinet and DPP spokespersons in the House without the party’s approval. The order is also staying a decision by Leader of Opposition to change the seating plan that moved Namalomba to seat number 100 from seat number 25.

“Basically what I want from the Leader of Opposition is to respect the President of the party, to consult him and the party whenever he is making a decision. As a leader, he should at least consult the party for approval. I am not against his leadership but he should respect the party and also the President of the party and this is simple,” said Namalomba.

On Nankhumwa’s decision to change his seat, Namalomba said he does not want to sit at the back because he cannot see well from a far.

“With my eyesight problem it’s difficult and this is not a right thing. I feel I am being tortured by the Leader of Opposition, I feel that my rights are being infringed,” said Namalomba.

On Thursday morning, Namalomba was back to his seat number 25 but Nankhumwa stood in the House reminding the Speaker of the letter he sent to her office changing the seating plan.

The Speaker then ordered that the seating plan be maintained saying her office hasn’t been served with the court order yet. She ordered Namalomba to relocate to his new allocated seat.

But Namalomba insisted that he has obtained a court order which is allowing him to return to his seat number 25.

He alleged that Nankhumwa is torturing him because he used his powers as Public Accounts Committee Chairperson to order him (Nankhumwa) to return the money he pocketed as COVID-19 allowances.

But the Speaker said the Court is aware of the procedure to be followed to serve the House with the order and without the order the House will maintain the seating plan and this made Namalomba relocate to his new back seat.