UK applauds Malawi for denouncing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

A Ukrainian soldier assesses the damage from a Russian airstrike in Gorenka, outside the capital Kyiv, Ukraine, on Wednesday.  Photograph: Vadim Ghirdă/AP

United Kingdom High Commissioner to Malawi David Beer has hailed Malawi for condemning Russia over its war on Ukraine and for urging Russia to withdraw its military forces from Ukraine.

Beer yesterday tweeted his reaction to Malawi Government’s call for peace in Ukraine.

“I applaud @MalawiGovt ‘s principled stand ahead of #UNGA and #UNHRC – clear, unequivocal message for peace, denouncing aggression and calling on Russia to leave Ukraine,” said Beer.

In its statement on Tuesday, Malawi Government expressed concern over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, describing it as “disturbing” and “needless”.

The Malawi Government added that it believes in the respect and protection of  territorial integrity and sovereignty of all United Nations Member states in consonance with international laws.

“Malawi condemns any escalation of hostilities and the use of force as a means of settling disputes by anyone, at anytime and anywhere in the world,” reads part of the statement.

Yesterday, Malawi voted ‘yes’ to a United Nations resolution demanding the Russian Federation to immediately cease its use of force against Ukraine and withdraw its military forces.

South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Angola and Namibia were among 35 countries which abstained. Five countries voted ‘no’ while 141 voted ‘yes’ and the resolution was adopted.

Russia launched its attack on Ukraine last week and over 100 people have been killed as a result of the invasion.

Hundreds of thousands of people have fled Ukraine with many fleeing to Poland but there have been incidents of racism with black people being barred from boarding trains at the border and being told to walk to Poland.

The African Union condemned the acts of racism this week but Malawi has been silent on the mistreatment of black people including black Malawians who were refused to board a train by Ukrainian officials.



  1. Malawi is sad nation, supporting the British foreign policy position just for a fistful of British pound sterling. Shame

  2. 141 country voted against Russian action and then uk sent that letter to all the 140 countries.. nothing special just dont focus on congratulation ukrain for standing up against a fight with russian but focus on why you just watched in pain as Tanzania took half of lake malawi in the northn

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