Grouping warns against violence at pro-Chizuma protests  

A grouping called Citizen Advancement for Economic Resolution (CARE) says demonstrators in support of Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) chief Martha Chizuma should not in any way target any private property.

The grouping which is new in town has said its objective is to defend human rights by making sure that every citizen’s rights are protected.

Speaking during a press briefing which the organization conducted in Lilongwe n Tuesday, CARE Team leader Redson Munlo said that demonstrations are allowed by the law but they should be done in accordance with the same law by refraining from any kind of violence such as vandalism of people’s property.

Munlo who claimed to denounce his interest in tomorrow’s demos made the statement in relation to plans by some activists to demonstrate in Lilongwe tomorrow in support of Chizuma who has been sued by a corruption suspect identified as Ashok Nair over a video clip. The protesters threatened to hold protests at Nair’s house.

Munlo said Ashok as a citizen in Malawi has rights provided by the Constitution, including the right to seek for legal redress in whatever matter within the boundaries of Malawi and that they cannot be party to suppression of someone’s rights.

“The case between Ashok and Madam Chizuma is in her personal capacity and in no any way is affecting or choking the operations of ACB. However, let us warn that should Ashok dare to suffocate the operations of ACB then we will appropriately deal with that. We believe that Madam Chizuma as an individual is not immune to lawsuits and that such lawsuits should be properly dismissed by the competent court, not public court,” said Munlo.

He then called on concerned Malawians to put more energies to deal with rotten government system and not individuals.

Munlo also asked the Lazarus Chakwera administration to walk the talk on capacitating the ACB financially so that it can render its services on time and effectively without any financial crisis.