Phyzix exhumes a Dinosaur


Award winning hip-hop artist Phyzix has dug deeper into the soil to excavate a Dinosaur who went missing years ago.

The rapper has reunited with some of the legendary Malawi music figures in his forthcoming project.

One of the surprises in the project, is Dominant One, an iconic rapper who has been missing on the scene for a long time.

Writing on his Facebook, the Cholapitsa star has made the announcement. He said the song will hit the public domain on 28th February.

“Heroes come and go, but legends are forever. Heroes get remembered but legends never die, new song on 28.02.22.”

Other experienced artists in the song are, Tay Grin, Mfumu Hyphen, Third Eye, Cyclone, Blackjak, The Daredevilz, and Barry Uno.

Phyzix has also included one of the young artists in the industry Spyral.