Three win Nissan vehicles in Illovo Malawi promotion


Three people won Nissan NP 200 each during the second draw of Iponyereninso Kwakuya ndi Illovo Promotion while 78 other customers  also went away with different prizes.

The three lucky ones are Moses Petro Mwangonde from the southern region, Emmanuel Nkuruzinza from the central region and Gilbert Mbwagha from the northern region.

Apart from the three, 78 lucky customers went away with various prizes that included bicycles bags of fertilizers, cookers, fridges and shopping vouchers worth two hundred and fifty thousand Kwacha each.

In the grocers and table top category, Jones Chaola from the central region, Ephraim Nkhoma from the southern region and Godfrey Raheem Chirwa northern region each won a Big Boy motorcycle.

In the consumer category, John Ngoma from the northern region, Lifinate from the central region and Kesten from the southern region all won a Defy cooker each.  Rita Misinde from the central region, Florence Magomba from the central region and Ellena Majika from the southern region each won fridges. For the prize of two hundred and fifty thousand Kwacha shopping vouchers, winners were Chisomo Chisale from the central regions, Mrs C. Nazombe from the southern region and M. Chitete from the northern region.

Apart from that, 36 people won Bicycles and 36 others won 50kg bags of fertilizer.

During the draw on Tuesday at Sunbird Mount Soche, Illovo Managing Director Lakani Katandula said Illovo truly values each and every single one of its customers and that is why they continue to find ways to improve not only the quality of their product of sugar but also product offering so that customers and consumers get value for their money.

“We value our customers and we value the business they give us and they continue to be loyal to us. As was the case last year, there are three levels of entry into the competition. First level requires Illovo Sugar stockists (those who buy and sell sugar in bulk) to buy 2 tons or more to stand a chance of winning one of six Nissan NP 200 vehicles during monthly draws”,

“For the second level, grocers and table tops (those who sell packets of sugar to consumers in groceries or local traders in the markets) are to buy 2 bales or more of Illovo sugar to stand a chance of winning motorbikes, bicycles and bags of fertilizer in its bi-monthly draws. While the third level applies to shoppers/consumers who are required to buy 3 kilograms or more of any Illovo sugar to stand a chance of winning cookers, fridges and shopping vouchers,” he said.

Katandula also said that Illovo Sugar will also run monthly in store activations where other prizes will be won instantly including buckets, wrappers (Zitenje), T-shirts and Illovo sugar packets.

The promotion is targeting the company’s customers and consumers. The  prizes have a  total value of140 Million Kwacha.

On the 11th January 2021, Illovo Sugar Malawi plc conducted the company’s first monthly Draw for its “Iponyereninso Kwakuya ndi Illovo Promotion, which was launched on November 26, 2021

This was done by the company following the success of the ‘Iponyereni Kwakuya ndi Illovo’ promotion which it launched in November of 2020.