Woman pays K13.8 million for witchdoctors to resurrect husband


A woman in Lilongwe paid K13.8 million to two fake witchdoctors who promised to resurrect her dead husband.

The two men have been identified as Wingstone Mvula aged 60 and Patrick Chakalamba aged 51.

According to a court document, between 21 October and 23 November, 2021 the woman paid K13.8 million to the two men in Lilongwe after they promised to resurrect the woman’s late husband who died in July last year after a short illness.

“But the said resurrection did not happen and the [men’s] intention was just to steal the said money from the victim,” reads part of the charge sheet.

The woman reported the issue to police on 24 November and the two men were arrested on 20 December.

They were taken to magistrate court in Lilongwe two days later where they were charged with obtaining money by false pretence, contrary to section 319(1) of the penal code.

The charge sheet has been making rounds on social media, attracting comments from users.

“It’s sad that’s she has been defrauded. However, she is a loving woman. She loved her husband,” said one person.

“She must have been in denial plus depression, taking advantage of her vulnerability,” said another person.