Malawi Police arrest twenty fake bus passengers

Police in Lilongwe have rounded up 20 people at Lilongwe Bus Depot after they posed as passengers in order to trick travellers into boarding a bus on the mistaken belief that the bus was close to being full.

The fake passengers, popularly known as _ojiya_ or _athaiming’i_ were arrested on today during a special police operation.

Lilongwe Police Station Deputy Public Relations Officer Sub Inspector Foster Benjamin said the suspects, who include four women, are aged between 19 and 45.

“We received numerous complaints from prospective passengers that they would wait for hours on end on the buses despite the buses passing off as full,” said Benjamin.

He added that police acted on the concerns and raided the suspected buses and busted the fake passengers who had no bus tickets.

The suspects have been charged with conduct likely to cause breach of peace, contrary to Section 181 of the Penal code.

They will appear in court next week.

Meanwhile, police have warned any individuals against pretending to be passengers on buses that the law will close in on them, sooner than later.