Lucky customer to win vehicle in Itel’s Taoloka Promotion


Itel is offering a K4.5 million vehicle in the Taoloka Christmas Promotion which ends on December 31.

Yesterday, the company held an event in Lilongwe to showcase the Nissan March and other prizes which people will win during the competition.

Itel Malawi marketing specialist King Nyimbiri said the promotion started on 15 November and customers automatically enter by buying an Itel smartphone in any Itel shop across Malawi.

According to Nyimbiri, whenever a customer buys a an Itel smartphone in any Itel shop they get a prize and then enter a draw for the Taoloka promotion. The customer is given a ticket where they write name and contact details which will be used to identify them if they win.

Apart from the vehicle, other prizes include bags of fertilizer, earpods, family dinner and cash in returns for phone purchases.

Nyimbiri said the company has introduced the promotion in order to give back to customers.

“Each and every year we think of our customers, how we can reward them and how we can honour them. Last year we gave away a motorbike, this year it’s a car and next year it is going to be something big,” he said.