Curios market demolished in Lilongwe

Lilongwe City Council (LCC) has demolished the Lilongwe Curios Market which was located near Area 3 Post Office along Kamuzu Procession Road, to pave way for construction of a four-lane road.

Curio traders

In interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana), Lilongwe Curios Market Secretary, James Subili, said the expansion of the road has forced them to relocate to a place along Chilambula Road as a temporary place as LCC looks for a suitable place.

“We are not [badly] affected with the changing of the market place as this place is conducive for our business because it is also located near the road, which makes it easy for our customers to get to us,” Subili said.

In her remarks, Lilongwe City Council Public Relations Officer, Tamara Chafunya said in July last year, the council started working on infrastructure development projects, including roads across town.

“We are rehabilitating various roads in our city through government funding as well as UNDP,” she said, adding it was such activities that have forced the relocation of curios traders from Area 3 Post Office along Kamuzu Procession Road to a place along Chilambula Road.

By Andrew Ndhlovu – Malawi News Agency

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  1. Even though the need to pave way for the construction of the new road ,some untold stories of how we have been treated as dogs by our own leadership in collaboration with some road traffic leaders remains silent. The compensation money that was reaped for us will still remain a mystery. We always die poor and vulnerable as we considered good citizens, I cry for my people, who do not what an MOU means,we were forced to sigh what we did not know.

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