FAMA and Don Bosco to train youths in video and filmmaking

As one way of promoting Malawi film industry standards, Film Association of Malawi (FAMA) has signed agreement with Don Bosco Youth Technical College to train 2000 people in different aspects of filmmaking.

FAMA and Don Bosco Youth Technical College have signed a 1-year contract to work on capacity building in film and video programs.

Through this project, FAMA is expecting to train more than 2000 people of different film backgrounds. The association will train people in, acting, Camera Operating, film Editing, film Producing and Directing.

Speaking after the signing of MOU on Monday 6 December, 2021 at Don Bosco College, President of Film Association of Malawi (FAMA) Gift Sukez Sukali said they have introduced the initiative together with Don Bosco college to train people in film production as well as acting.

“In Malawi we don’t have film schools, we don’t have places where people can be able to learn this kind of technical skills and we thought it is wise to partner with Don Bosco because it  will be a great way of achieving Job creation of skilled people in production and acting.

“This initiative  has prompted  with the rise of Film production in Malawi as you are aware film production has grown as well as people who are into production like weddings, events and the like, and if you can see these people they are just doing this without having basic skills and we thought it is wise to  partner with Don Bosco when they approached us because as FAMA we will bring people who are skilled, professional and know how to do film production as well acting,” explained Sukali.

He, however added that as FAMA their role in this initiative is to bring in facilitators who will be teaching people how to do film production and also acting.

“As FAMA we have skilled people who can be able to teach others the skills which they have learnt over the years. So as association what we are bringing on the table are the facilitators to facilitate these trainings. Don Bosco college are bringing in the venue as well as the equipment to be used, so it’s a partnership which is bringing good things because as you are aware we need a platform, we need computers, we need a lot of things and Don Bosco is coming in to help the association,” said Sukali.

He also hinted that in this initiative they want people who have interest, who have passion and also talent in as far as acting and film production is concerned.

He added that FAMA wants more women in this section of film production and acting. He therefore urged girls to join the initiative saying they will get a discount in prices.

As one way of promoting girls and women to join this male dominated industry, FAMA and Don Bosco have agreed to offer 50% discount to all females who wish to participate in these programs.

In his remarks Don Bosco College Vice Principal Precious Chilupsya said the initiative is very important not only at Don Bosco but to the whole Nation and it will help in creation of jobs as many young people who have talents are just staying and this initiative will help them to get skills as well as different opportunities.

“This is a great initiative to our country to many younger people who are left out perhaps of the traditional skills that we normally train here at Don Bosco because we didn’t concentrate much in this other area of art.

“I also appeal to female participants in this initiative, if we are to develop the young people in the country then a girl child has to be the first one in whatever we are involved in. So, we want more females to come and join these trainings so that they are empowered in this,” explained Chilupsya.

The training program will commence on 20 December 2021 up to 24 December 2021 and registration shall start on 6th December 2021 to 17th December 2021.

These training programs are enrolled MK 10,000 for FAMA members, K20,000 for Don Bosco alumni and students and k30,000 for general public. School drop outs are also encouraged.


Film Association of Malawi is excited to call general public to support this initiative by registering for trainings and sponsorship so that we can have more professional filmmakers and actors.