Hichilema coming to Malawi: ‘I am exploring opportunities for Zambians

President Hakainde Hichilema who is coming to Malawi tomorrow says he is exploring opportunities for Zambia and Zambians.

Hichilema was elected as President of Zambia in August and this is his maiden trip to Malawi as president.

Writing on his Facebook Page, the Zambian leader said the trip is part of president-to-president diplomacy which has been the established tradition for new heads of state.

“Zambia and Malawi share common values, culture and a rich history dating back to before the independence of both countries.

“As Zambia’s Chief Marketing Officer we will discuss trade and matters of mutual interest. It is important to open trade routes for our land-linked country which will enable Zambians to sell their products to markets on our doorstep. This creates employment and earns the country foreign exchange which will help in economic stability.

“We take seriously our role of chief diplomat for Zambia and this is the reason, we are exploring opportunities for Zambia and Zambians.

“Going forward we will continue on our economic diplomacy with the remaining neighbours,” he wrote.

Hichilema is expected to undertake a one-day working visit to Malawi tomorrow and he will return to Zambia the same day.

His trip comes as President Lazarus Chakwera has not been seen in public since Tuesday last week. Chakwera cancelled all local trips on 30 November following criticism over his penchant for travelling.