Three Indians nabbed over work permits, Chinese national deported


The Immigration authorities in Lilongwe have apprehended three Indian nationals for violating the country’s work permit laws.

This is according to Inspector Pasqually Zulu who is the publicist for central region Immigration office.

He identified the three as Farhaz Patel, 44, Manoy Kumar Medikurthi, 24, and Pathan Tahirkhan Mehbubkhan, 36.

Zulu said the three were arrested on November 30th, 2021 for contravening their work permits status which is contrary to section 37 subsection (b) of the Immigration act.

Meanwhile, Mr Mehbubkhan has since managed to acquire bail, while the other two are still in police custody as more investigations are still underway.

In a related development, the central region formation has also deported one Chinese national for being involved in wildlife and fire arm related offences.

Inspector Zulu has since identified the suspect as Mr Shihe, aged 65.

Shihe who was serving his sentence at Maula Prison in Lilongwe, was sentenced and convicted on 20th July, 2020 by her Worship Senior Resident Magistrate Florence Milner Msekandiana at the Lilongwe Magistrate Court.

In pursuant to section 39 of the Immigration act, Mr Shihe was deported on Wednesday through the Kamuzu International Airport by investigation and compliance team from the Central Region Immigration Office.

According to Zulu, the exercise is ongoing and more arrests and subsequent deportation will be made as the department has intensified permit inspection in the country.

The department has since appealed to all key sectors involved in hiring expatriates and the general public to consult the Department of Immigration and Citizenship Services offices countrywide in case of doubt.