Plan International, Malawi Gender Minister accused of fantasizing women abuse

Malawi Minister of Gender Patricia Kaliati and Plan International face serious accusations of cosplaying abuse of women.

Today, photos of Kaliati, Plan Malawi Country Director Phoebe Kasoga, National Youth Council Acting CEO Thembeka Mbeya with wearing make up of graphically ripped up faces were shared on social media.


Special effects makeup artists worked on the women to demonstrate injuries which women face at the hands of their abuse. This is part of activities for the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence which started on 25 November.

Some social media users have, however, condemned the campaign saying it is harmful as it normalizes violence and triggers survivors of physical violence.

“There’s global evidence that shows us this. These pictures are flooding timeliness daily with no trigger warnings & mixed up messages. What is the goal? What is the call to action? Is the campaign survivor centered? Who is the target? Please I implore you to reconsider,” tweeted @Lusukalanga.

Another Twitter user described the campaign as “crass” and wondered how it would help reduce cases of gender-based violence.

“When this is over, I would like to find out how this influenced the number of GBV cases actually,” she said.