Airtel Agents get chance to win cash prizes


To encourage agents to sell PaNet bundles to customers using Airtel Money, Airtel has introduced cash prizes for agents.

Airtel is running Boola Mtambo Promotion where customers enter by buying Airtel PaNet bundle(s) with a total value of K500 over a week using Airtel Money.

Now, Airtel Money agents have a chance to win cash prizes when a customer buys PaNet bundle through the agents.

Over the course of the Boola Mtambo Promotion, 100 agents will be winning K100,000 per month while 300 will be winning K50,000 every two weeks.

“Agents are involved because any customer uses agents to send money to Airtel accounts. So, we have introduced the prizes so that the agents can encourage customers to buy PaNet bundles,” said Airtel Marketing manager Thokozani Sande on Wednesday.

In the Boola Mtambo Promotion,  Airtel will disburse K100 million in cash prizes to customers. The grand prize is a one-week holiday in Dubai worth K5 million.

Since the promotion started on 29 October, 89 customers have been winning K5000 each daily, 125 customers have been winning K50,000 each every week and 100 customers have won K100,000 each.