Malawi Govt. agrees to revise toll gate fees


Malawi Government has agreed to revise toll gate fees following a meeting with Bon Kalindo, one of the leaders of anti-government protests.

Kalindo yesterday led a group of 21 people in the meeting with Minister of Homeland Security Richard Chimwendo Banda, Minister of Civic Education Timothy Mtambo, Minister of Information Gospel Kazako and Minister of Justice Titus Mvalo at Florida Lodge in Lilongwe.

During the meeting, Government agreed to reduce toll gate fees which people are currently paying at Chingeni toll gate in Balaka.

The fees have been revised as follows: Minibuses will now pay K2000 from K3500, Buses will now pay K5000 from K8500, registered taxis will now pay K1000 from K1700 and ordinary vehicles will now pay K1200 from K1700. The charges will come into operation after being gazetted.

Kalindo led demonstrations in Blantyre and Lilongwe over the past two weeks demonstrators demanded government to find solutions to the rising cost of living in the country. Protesters wanted a reduction in prices of goods and services, water tariffs and toll gate fees.

In his remarks after the meeting with Kalindo yesterday, Government spokesperson Hon. Gospel Kaziko said they have decided to reduce toll gate fees in the meantime but other issues which Kalindo raised needs to be looked into and other issues may need to consult other stakeholders.

However, Kalindo said he was not convinced with the outcome of the meeting since there were a number of issues that were not yet tackled.

He added that he will go ahead with plans to hold anti-government demonstrations in Mzuzu.

“We cannot stop the demos based on the issue to do with toll gates, we are happy that they have managed to reduce the toll gates fees but this does not necessarily stop the demos in Mzuzu,” said Kalindo.