Mzuzu anti-government demos are on – Kalindo


Leader of anti-government who is also former UTM Director of Youth, Bon Kalindo, says Mzuzu Demonstrations slated for Friday, 3 December are on and he has urged people to come in large numbers.

Kalindo disclosed this after meeting with four Cabinet Ministers Yesterday in Lilongwe where government agreed to revise toll gate fees.

Four Cabinet Ministers – Minister of Homeland Security Richard Chimwendo Banda, Minister of Civic Education Timothy Mtambo, Minister of Information Gospel Kazako and Minister of Justice Titus Mvalo were the top government officials who met Kalindo at Florida lodge in Lilongwe.

Kalindo was accompanied by 21 people. The meeting which started around 3pm took over 6 hours and ended at 8 pm.

According to some sources who were among the people who were in the meeting, the government side wanted Kalindo to cancel Mzuzu demos but Kalindo and his friends were against the decision.

Kalindo told journalists that he is not convinced with the outcome of the meeting hence the need to go ahead with demos.

“We have not cancelled the demos in Mzuzu, the demos are going ahead. You have heard from the government side that there are a number of issues that are not yet tackled. We are happy that they have managed to reduce the toll gates fees but this does not necessarily stop the demos in Mzuzu.

“The issue to do with water, water is life so this issue is very important as far as the lives of people are concerned. The issue to do with basic commodities, these are basic needs of human beings. The issue to do with 1 million jobs, NEEF loans and also the issue to do with corruption. So, we wanted them to tackle them together but since they decided to consult other stakeholders, we thought it will be good to continue with our plans of holding demos in Mzuzu on Friday,” said Kalindo.

He also noted that he is fighting for Malawians and he will do anything to make sure the needs of Malawians are being fulfilled and he will never take Malawians for granted.

Kalindo with Kazako (C)

“You know I am doing this for Malawians. People out there are suffering and we need to take this government to task. They need to fulfil their promises. We won’t stop until they do what we Malawians want them to do. Some people may think because I have met with the government then I will stop what l am doing no, I have to assure Malawians that nothing has changed, Bon Kalindo will still stand for what is right and in this case we want this government to fix this country,” said Kalindo.

In his remarks, Government spokesperson Hon. Gospel Kaziko said they have decided to reduce toll gate fees in the meantime but other issues which Kalindo raised need to be looked into together with other stakeholders.