Chimwendo defends absenteeism in Parliament

Leader of the House in Parliament, Richard Chimwendo Banda, says some Members of Parliament fail to report to the House because they have other equally important activities to attend.

Banda made the statement on Friday during an interview at Parliament Building in Lilongwe at the end of the second week of the fourth meeting of the 49th session of Parliament.

Chimwendo said it is not possible for all members in the August House to be reporting during the sitting because sometimes they have other equally important activities to attend.

“It does not necessary mean that when a minister or Member of Parliament is not in the chamber, his or her absence is deliberate, no, but because they are always needed in some functions that are also equally important,” he explained.

Chimwendo then described the second week of the current parliamentary sitting as successful considering that the House managed to conduct the business as they planned.

Chimwendo, who is also Minister of Homeland Security, mentioned ministerial statements and question time for individual ministries as tasks that were accomplished during the week.

He encouraged the MPs to continue working together, saying they are striving to achieve the same goal which is development of the country.

Third week of the fourth meeting will start tomorrow.