People in Salima urged to use Mosquito nets

Member of Parliament for Salima Central Constituency Gerald Kapiseni Phiri has encouraged people in the constituency to use mosquito nets in order to prevent Malaria.

Phiri noted that there are number of myths that people spread about using mosquito nets due to misunderstanding about the subject as such it is his role to make sure that the people are well aware of the facts.

Phiri made the statement on Thursday when SADC countries were Commemorating World Malaria Day under the theme “Together we can defeat Malaria” with funding from World Vision.

He noted that when government launches a program in any district it ends there until the same happens next year. He said this affects the fight against diseases like Malaria because no efforts are put in ensuring that the program is still progressing well.

He added by asking potential funders to channel their funding to Malaria reduction structures.

“We should engage schools to make sure that the message is heard from Primary to Tetiary schools. Let the people know the dangers of Malaria in so doing we all can end the disease,” he explained.

Government plans to distribute 9 million mosquito nets in Malawi and distribution has already started in some districts.

World Vision Malawi is also conducting Indoor Residual Spray (IRS) aimed at reducing Malaria incidences by killing indoor-resting mosquitoes that carry malaria-causing mosquitos. The program was launched in the districts of Balaka Mangochi and Nkhatabay.

At the start of the program in 2019, Mangochi district was recording 380 cases of Malaria out of every 1,000 people. In 2020, this fell to 254 and today, the district is registering 183 cases.