Premier Bet rewards competition winner with furnished shop

Sports Betting Malawi
Lusha Mthimba has been given a well-furnished shop after he emerged the winner of the inaugural Premier Bet Express of the year award as one of his three betting shops performed well in 2021.
Express of the year award was introduced by the betting company as one way of motivating individuals who own and operate Premier Bet shops across the country.

And on Thursday, Premier Bet fulfilled their promise by handing over a well-furnished shop to Mthimba at a colorful event in Ndirande.

Speaking during the function, Commercial Manager Nawar Jarakji said his company will continue providing opportunities to Malawians through the program.

“This is a program that we are committed to start doing by motivating good performances to always look further to find the right business that is good for them. We are providing opportunities to somebody who wants to become an agent to operate a machine or somebody who wants to become a franchiser to open a shop like this one and also giving opportunities of employment for cashiers, shop managers and assistant managers.”

“This is the first year and for the coming years, we will be monitoring each and every shop we have in Malawi to give the second price of 2022 to the second best performing Express shop,” he said.

Public Relations Officer and Licensing Manager at National Lottery Board Marrium Kumbuyo said she was delighted with how the competition was run by the betting company.

“We are very happy and congratulations to the winner. As you can see, whatever was put in the conditions of this promotion, Premier Bet has fulfilled by complying from day one up to this final day so as National Lottery Board, we don’t have a problem with how they run the competition. It was run fairly and we kept on monitoring them and we are happy,” she explained.

Reacting to the news, Mthimba was overwhelmed with the gesture saying it will open new doors for him.

“Very grateful to Premier Bet for this lifetime opportunity. I started doing this with one machine and I was just doing it for fun then years down the line, I opened a single shop before owning two more shops. When they announced about this competition, I had to do more and by the end of it, I was named the winner. This will open a new chapter in my life as I will be able to employ more youths and assist government in the quest of creating one million jobs,” he said.

The betting company bought televisions, computers, servers and furnished the building which Mthimba will be operating in.

Premier Bet will also pay rentals for three months as part of the deal.

Roughly, the company has spent more than MK3.5 million for the winner to have a complete shop.

Premier Bet has 344 shops across the country and is committed to open man shops in order to create more job opportunities for Malawians.