Irish man sponsors Malawi National 7s team


An Irish national has sponsored Malawi Rugby Union (MARU) national 7s team and Ndirande Impala Rugby club in Blantyre.

David Kelleher, the founder of, has given custom jerseys to the national team and has sponsored Ndirande Impala Rugby club in Blantyre with about 30 new jerseys.

David started a dialogue with Ndirande Impala Rugby Club in Blantyre (the highest population density in Malawi) and asked how he could help. He had planned to send across gum shields, etc. However, having understood they did not have their own rugby jerseys, he decided to give them the jerseys.

A few weeks later, with the help of Hogan Print, was shipping brand-new custom-made rugby jerseys to Ndirande Impala Rugby Club.

“To see how happy and proud the team were to be wearing their own community jerseys was reward enough for me,” said Kelleher.

Ndirande Impala Rugby Club (wearing the jerseys)

Subsequently, David was approached and asked if he would consider sponsoring the Malawi Rugby Union (MARU) national 7s team. David approached a few businesses in Ireland looking for support to no avail. He then made the decision to become the primary sponsor of the MARU national team and recommenced the process of sourcing and shipping brand new custom jerseys to the Malawi Rugby Union national 7s team.

“There are plenty of other teams in Malawi that don’t have jerseys, boots etc. If anyone reading this is interested in supporting or sponsoring a rugby/football team in Malawi. Please reach out to me, I will support and guide you through the process.

“What is such a small and largely reward gesture from you and I, is such a massive show of love, support, respect, and kindness to our neighbours in Africa,” said.

Meanwhile, the continues to work with Ndirande Impala Rugby club on other community projects and looks forward to seeing the club grow.