Malawians want me to run their families – Chakwera  


President Lazarus Chakwera says he gets hundreds of messages from people who ask him to run their families for them just because he is president of Malawi.

Chakwera said this yesterday during the National Development Conference where a 10-year implementation plan for the Malawi 2063 was also launched.

The president said Malawians are good at formulating good plans while neglecting all the things they do that are preventing the progress of the plans.

According to Chakwera, any nation that needs to be in good health needs to cure itself of infectious habits. He then said Malawians need to be cured of the habit of demanding more from politicians than they demand from themselves.

Chakwera added that any Malawian complaining about a politician should be asked if they have started reading the 10-year implementation plan and if they are implementing it at household level.

“As we speak, I have over 500 messages on my phone requesting that I run each family for them as president. Members of Parliament have messages asking them to run families of their constituents. No country can develop with such mindset,” said Chakwera.

The Malawi leader urged Malawians to take responsibility and implement plans at household level that are in line with the 10-year implementation plan of the Vision 2063.

He gave the example of agricultural productivity and commercialisation which he said cannot be achieved without fundamental changes in farming at household level.

“If your household doesn’t diversify and commercialise its farming as this plan demands, then it won’t matter which politician you elect into office or how many times you tell a politician to change.

“If you do not change how you farm, we will not become an inclusively wealthy and self-reliant nation,” said Chakwera.


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  1. Chomwe ankathawira KU sukulu ndi chani? Anazolowera kutumidwa za ziwembu mkumapatsidwa ndalama. Achimina, zopusa zimenezo asalore bwana. Agwire ntchito kuti moyo wawo uziyenda Basi. Keep it up Mr President.

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