Malawi chiefs complain that they are not given donations

Senior Group Kanyoni in the area of Traditional Authority (T/A) Tsabango has complained that chiefs are always excluded whenever charity organizations visit the area to donate items to people.
Senior group Kanyoni made the statement on Monday when President of Freedom of Worship Associations of Malawi (FOLAM) Prophet David Mbewe was donating mattresses to chiefs and blankets to elderly and orphans.

He thanked the prophet for donating mattresses to the chiefs in the area and for remembering them since they are always forgotten.

In an interview with Malawi24, Mbewe said that they have been conducting charity activities to people in districts of Nsanje and Blantyre by donating materials to them.

He added that they also want to uplift the lives of Kabanza operators in Area 24 by coming up with strategies that will change their lives for good.

Mbewe noted that most of the people who are into the business of Kabanza face a lot of challenges among which include getting killed and failing to meet their needs because they have no one to represent them to the authorities.

“These people need our support. That is why I have come up with several projects to rescue them from the current situation. I pledged that each and every Kabanza operator from this rank will have a licences and I will provide some money to women who are the wives of these men to start small scale businesses and that I will do,” he said.

Chairperson of Sese Ground Ngwenya Rank Brino Jonasi commended Mbewe for putting the welfare of Kabanza operators at heart saying it has been their dream to work in a good environment and it seems that their players have been answered.

Jonasi added that they are glad that they can now easily obtain licenses as this will create good working condition between them and security agencies.