Makhadzi gives energetic performance at Hangout Music Festival


South Africa’s celebrated queen of stage Makhadzi gave out an amazing performance in the early hours of Saturday at the Hangout Music Festival in Salima.

Makhadzi came on stage at 3am with 4 dancers, two boys and two girls, and she brought the fire on the stage.

The musician performed her popular songs which include Limpopo, Sugar Sugar, Zwivuya, Gidimani, Murahu and the most trending song of her right now Ghanama.

During her performance Makhadzi, kept saying “Ipatse moto Malawi ipatse moto ” and this gave the fans more morale. Makhadzi also entertained the fans with her dancing styles together with her dancing crew.

This is the second time for Makhadzi to perform here in Malawi. Last month she was in Mangochi at Sand Music festival where she also gave out an amazing performance.

Speaking after her performance, Makhadzi said she was very happy to come back to Malawi and perform again and she feel so loved by Malawians.

“I am very happy that I have performed again here in Malawi with more energy and fire and that’s what I prepared for. I want my fans to always enjoy my performances and from the look of things they really enjoyed, they gave me so much morale and for that I really feel loved and I can say I will definitely come back here in Malawi to perform again because people around here they do love my songs very much and for that am really grateful,” said Makhadzi.

The Hangout festival started yesterday in Salima at Kabumba hotel with performances from local artist such as Beanca, Mwanache and Piksy and around 2 am it’s when DJ Obza who is also from South Africa hit the stage and he later exchanged the stage with Makhadzi.

Organised by Hangout events, the Hangout festival continues today with performances of local artist the likes of Kelly Kay, Janta, Lulu

South African celebrated artists Mr Brown, Proffessor and Maparra A Jazz are also expected to perform today and they have promised more fireworks during the night and people should expect more energy from them.