Airtel introduces new feature on Airtel Money


Airtel Malawi has introduced a new Airtel Money feature which allows subscribers to send money together with withdrawal fee.

The company announced the new feature during a press briefing on Wednesday.

On the Airtel Money menu, when a subscriber chooses the ‘send money’ option, they are also provided with ‘send with withdrawal fee’ option which allows the sender to send the amount they want the recipient to cash out together with the withdrawal fee for the amount.

Acting Airtel Money Director Khumbo Phiri noted that when sending money to a person so that the receiver should cash out, the sender usually has to make calculations in order find out the required withdrawal fee for the sent amount.

He added that it is difficult to memorise the exact withdrawal fees required for each amount.

“But in this case, there is no hassle to calculate how much the withdrawal fee will be, the system will automatically do.

“We came up with this feature to make life easier. Normally people would want to look for tariff schedule to know how much the recipient will be charged. But now there is no reason to memorize the schedule as now customers can just use the ‘send with withdrawal fee’ option,” said Phiri.