Two Tanzanians deported from Malawi


The Department of Immigration and Citizenship Services in Blantyre on Saturday, 30th October, 2021 deported two Tanzanian nationals for contravening Malawi Immigration permit conditions.

The two are Jastine Kashum, 34, and Stephano Karura, 36 years old man. The two were residing in Nancholi township of Blantyre, and were on Visitors Permit (VP), permitting them to stay in Malawi for a specified period as Visitors.

But upon expiry of their permits, they failed to renew them and at same time failed to return to their home country, subjecting themselves to be irregular immigrants in Malawi for overstaying, a contravention of Section 21(1) of the Immigration Act of the Laws of Malawi.

They were arrested on 27th October, 2021 in Blantyre by the Rapid Tracking Team, a sub-Section of the Compliance Unit in the Operations Divisions of the Department of Immigration.

Upon been taken to Blantyre Magistrate Court, they were ordered to pay a fine of MK20,000 each or face 8 months imprisonment, and be Deported thereafter. They paid their fines and deportation followed.

They were declared prohibited immigrants (P.I.) under Section 4(1)(f ) of the Immigration Act, and were deported through Songwe Border on Saturday the 30th of October 2021.