Church joins mental health awareness campaign


Miracle Media International Ministries, led by Apostle Peter Banda has embarked on mental health campaign encouraging people in Malawi to refrain from committing suicide when troubled with various personal issues but to resort into prayers saying God will take control.

Following the escalating rate of suicide cases lately, the man of God through a program called ‘Time for Hope’ has gone on pulpit with various teachings regarding awareness and prevention of suicide.

Speaking in an interview, Apostle Peter Banda said the impact of the rise in suicide cases has been highly underrated and has not been accorded the attention it deserves by various stakeholders including men of God in the country.

Banda said, currently the devil is using fear and spirit of self-condemnation among others for people to kill themselves. However, he has encouraged Christians to stop condemning themselves but seek God, quoting scriptures from 1 romans verse 8.

“Do not reach the extent of killing yourself; submit to God every situation that you are going through and he will give you the comfort. May the angel of life locate you and your home, may the angel of life restore the hope that enemies robbed you,” he said.

In various video clips that are circulating on social media, apart from turning to God, Banda is also encouraging people to normalize sharing situations that they are going through with friends or relatives and suicide should not be an option

“Malawi’s future is being robbed by a raging spate of mental imbalances that has largely contributed to rampant cases of suicide. This is not political but a spiritual battle that needs Malawians to come together and fight in prayers.

“As a ministry, we have decided to take part in issues to do with Mental Health after observing that many young people suffer in silence and when their heart are heavily burdened, they end up committing suicide something that we can prevent together when we put all our efforts and prayers in a right place,” he said

Considering that Mental Health issues are little discussed and heavily stigmatized, but a growing problem, particularly among young people in the country, Apostle Peter Banda has also introduced a television program called ‘Time for hope’.