Eli Njuchi, Faith Mussa commit to champion mental health awareness drive

Prolific Artists Eli Njuchi and Faith Mussa have reaffirmed their commitments to take leading roles in mental health awareness campaigns, saying as musicians they want to use their musical power in tackling issues affecting their fan base.

They both expressed interest on mental health issues ahead of the most anticipated Lilongwe Music Festival (Lifest) scheduled for 29th and 30th October at Lilongwe Golf club where both of them are also expected to perform.

Apart from international headliners like Joe boy, Shekhinah and Chris Martin, the event will also bring together other local musicians including Taygrin, Patience Namadingo, Suffix, George Kalukusha, Gwamba, Kell Kay and the Black Missionaries among others.

Lifest is a project that aims at engaging artists including Comedians, Musicians and Poets in the fight against ills of gender based violence (GBV) and addressing mental health issues using their talents.

Speaking in an interview, Eli Njuchi said it is now time for people to normalize sharing situations they are going through in order to get necessary support.

He said mental health issues need to be treated with urgency saying many People are dying silently.

“It is a need, we need to have this conversation and if it means using all we can to spark this conversation i am up for it.We cannot be talking about it, there is a need to be involved in the actions to have a better and safer mentally supported Malawians.

“We need to protect our minds to things that could potentially be harmful to our mental health.

Our physical wellbeing starts in the mind, we should strive to find ways to speak out and share things that are troubling our inner feelings,” he said.

In his remarks, Faith Mussa also echoed Eli Njuchi’s sentiments saying there have been several mental health cases involving both young and old, something that needs attention.

“We need to understand that our mental health is as important as our physical health and as such, we need to do whatever it takes to address those issues and i am ready to take the challenge,” he said.

Mussa said during the Lifest, he will also share his experience in as far as mental health is concerned.

Lifest project coordinator Maya Kalumo said considering that the event is meant to raise funds for mental health project, it is exciting that many artists have seen the need to be part of the noble project.

Kalumo said they have touched base in terms of preparations and people should expect a historical mental health awareness gig.